The mission of Coal Energy is to link together the four main coal related associations for the convenience of both the reader and advertiser.  Our second goal and another main focus is to shed light on those lives lost in our coal mining industry. You will continuously see sponsored features and memorials taking a glimpse at the lives sacrificed every year for our industry.

Please take a moment of silence to honor the following victims in 2019
that lost their
lives in the coal mining industry


 John D. Ditterline, 55, January 5th 2019, Alliance Resource Partners LP

Jeffery N. Slone, 56, January 14th 2019, Tennco Inc.

Adam Deboard, 38, March 7th 2019, White Forest Resources, Inc.

  Felix M. North, 48, May 30th 2019, Rex Coal Company Inc.

 Richard L. Knapp, 62, July 31st 2019, KenAmerican Resources, Inc.

Michael S. Davis, 42, August 7th 2019, Blackhawk Mining LLC

Thomas A. Flinspach, 20, August 20th 2019, Falcon Power LLC

 Tanner McFarland, 25, August 29th 2019, CONSOL Energy Inc.

Jeremy L. Elder, 29, September 5th 2019, Alliance Resource Partners, LP

 Steven V. Keeney, 40, September 17th 2019, Blackhawk Mining LLC

Raymond Starkey, 21, December 23rd 2019, Robert E Murray Company

        Thank you to our sponsors who have supported the memorial section in Coal Energy          




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