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Dear readers,

Welcome to Issue 2, 2020 of Coal Energy.

This edition contains our annual memorial dedication to honor the brave miners who passed away due to mining accidents in the coal industry. Coal Energy, along with our sponsors, would like all of us to take some time to remember these eleven brave souls that lost their lives in 2019. Without these courageous miners, the coal industry would not exist.  We are extremely thankful to our sponsors who have made this dedication possible.

Coal Energy remains proud to be the source journal for information about coal related associations in the industry. We currently provide information at your fingertips on different groups to benefit your companies’ needs and targets.  By providing information at a glance on each group, and including current member lists, your company can analyze the forums available to market, promote, and lobby for America’s future regarding coal energy.

In every issue Coal Energy brings you a member list for each of the main coal organizations. Whilst your company may already be listed, please remember you can feature your company in the member spotlights section by emailing

In this issue, we also take a look at how the American mining industry is responding to COVID-19. In our world news department, we visit India’s plan to unleash coal.

Coal Energy also presents recent press releases at a glance for the previous quarter. From financial news and product releases, to grants and awards, please email with any news that may be considered for publish in following issues.

Please visit our website,, for current and prior editions of Coal Energy.

You can also like and share our facebook page ( created to network with the nations promoters of coal, suppliers of coal, and to serve as a public interface for the image of coal energy.

With the ongoing trend and convenience of electronic publications, we are pleased to inform you our online readership is increasing daily.  To be added to our digital delivery database, please send an email to with your subject as Digital Delivery. We are proud to announce that our facebook page now has a weekly reach of over 5,000 contacts and is liked by 1,700 individuals and companies who support coal and coal energy.

We extend a warm appreciation to our supporting advertisers, please support them as they make the publication you are reading possible. If your target market spans across to members of more than one coal association, then Coal Energy is the place for you to represent your company. Please contact our advertising sales representatives should you require additional information at

And again, thank you for picking up, or clicking on, another edition of Coal Energy.

If you have any questions, editorial submissions, advertising interest or just comments about Coal Energy please feel free to email me directly at

Warmest regards,

Maria Martonick


Martonick Publications, Inc.

The mission of Coal Energy is to link together the four main coal related associations for the convenience of both the reader and advertiser.  Our second goal and another main focus is to shed light on those lives lost in our coal mining industry. You will continuously see sponsored features and memorials taking a glimpse at the lives sacrificed every year for our industry.



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